10 common mistakes with online stores that you can (and should) avoid
Updated: 29 / 01 / 2022

10 common mistakes with online stores that you can (and should) avoid

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
After our series of 6 articles about some factors that influence the sales of an online store, some of you have asked us a list of things to NOT to do in an online store. And here is it! We'll ry to make it as schematic as possible, if you want to try some aspect in more depth, do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Ignorance

Good intentions are not enough. It is necessary information and learn about online stores and the sector. If you dont't have it let you advise from experts in online stores.

2. Wrong choice of the technology

To choose the platform that will support the store is critical. You can opt for CMS with templates like Prestashop or Wordpress, or by a personalized web as those we do in La Teva Web. All systems have pros and cons, just get informed about them first.

3. Error in the choice of the professional or business

In the world of web design and web programming there are very good professionals, but also much intrusion, a lot of amateurs, and much professional who was competent but is now outdated. Try to avoid relying on a friend or a cousin, if he is not a qualified professional. Find out, ask for references, and with quality information in your hand, take the best decision. Be careful because here too cheap can get out finally very expensive.

4. "The design is not important"

In many cases the customer intends to do without or to limit to the minimum the web design, because he tells us that the important thing is that it is correct, and that works for sale. This option forgets the importance of web design to be attractive for the user navigation, and that's the key to buy. Using the visual language that the target customer searches, highlight the product and easy navigation is very important. You can see a clear application of this philosophy on the web that have recently developed for Zignia Design, an online custom jewelry store for young women and middle-aged.

5. Hidden shops

There is a large cemetery of interesting online stores but they do not sell because nobody knows about their existence. Before starting an online business you must develop a strategic planning (and presupostaria) to publicize the web: SEO, Social Media, SEM ...

6. Do not spend time 

Some people think that creating a really cool website and uploading it to the Internet, the sales will fall from the heavens. Unfortunately, that does not happen. So you need a daily dedication to different maintenance, improvement and sharing tasks. The recommended minimum is 2-3 hours per day, which could be make by yourself or hiring someone to do. But it is essential if you want to sell.

7. Lie on Shipping Policy

If you want to create an online store that sells and work you have to always tell the truth. In the case of shipping policy, if you really gonna take 72 hours while the buyer receives the product, that's what the customer should read at the begining.

8. Errors in pricing

If you don't have a competitive price simply you are not going to sell. As we have explained in other articles, you must previously do a market research.

9. Not providing security and confidence to the visitor

Our online store has to transmit confidence and trust  to the visitors. That's the first step if you want to sell.

10. Lying in the price

Transparency is fundamental and must avoid negative surprises for the user such as not include VAT or other taxes and find them at the end of the purchase (and probably leaving it).

So far the first chapter of this series on errors in online shops, the next week will continue to develop other aspects. Let's go!
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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