10 errors in online stores you can avoid
Updated: 29 / 01 / 2022

10 errors in online stores you can avoid

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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We continue with the list of things that you should NOT to do in an online store, after the first chapter last week.

11. Abandon the abandoned baskets

Currently more than 67% of shopping carts are abandoned, so it is very important that we try to recover a part of them. We must establish a monitoring system (mailing? call?), and above all study why we have these abandoned baskets.

12. Without analysis

Checking the statistics of the tools we use is critical to know what works and what does not, and help us the decision making for present and future.

13. Search engine

There is always a kind of user who prefers to seek the particular product by the search engine. Therefore it is important to have that bar and working perfectly. An example of well-developed search engine you can find on the new website we've developed for Toni Aurum, an online luxury watch brands such as Bell & Ross, Montblanc, Jean Richard, Junghans, or Longines.

14. Schematic product info

The time you save publishing the products with few text info, will mean less customers and visits (by its effect on SEO).

15. No contact information

That's a big problem of lack of transparency, which gives us a bad image.

16. Buy only for registered users

It's normal to want to have everybody registered, nowadays the data are very important. But there is a user profile that is very sensitive to register and transfer their data, and better not to lose him.

17. Misleading information

A photo which does not correspond or offers different from the product are some mistakes that we can not commit, the problems of online reputation that will lead us (let alone legal) characteristics.

18. No related products

It is always advisable that we can motivate the consumer to purchase more than one product, so the related products do a great job (in addition to improving SEO).

19. Products images

We must try to make real good pictures of the products, or ask the manufacturer or distributor if gives us permission to use theirs in our online store.

20. Unanswered questions

If you do not answer the user he can get nervous and begin to bombard you with emails, phone calls or speak bad about you in the social media. 

And here we finish this serie of articles writing about errors in online shops, we hope you founded it usefull.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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