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E-commerce of customized wedding invitations for all audiences.
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1001 invitaciones de boda is an online shop that offers a wide range of of fully customizable invitations for weddings and all kinds of events, being totally customizable invitations.

In this case the design has been provided by the client and we had to improve in terms of usability. This web design is inspired in the hexagonal logo of the company and other geometric elements, which evokes the concept of basaltic columns. The use of web fonts that remind of old typewriters reinforces this idea.

The online store allows the customization of invitations by the user. In order to make users' lifes easier, the store has multiple customer support tools, from whatsapp, online chat, email to phone. In addition, the company sends test mockups invitations to the customer so as to help him to confirm the resulting invitation.

Regarding web programming, the main complication has been price segmentation by quantities.

Regarding online marketing, we will focus on seo for invitaciones de boda personalizadas, due to the importance of this product in terms of sales. We will use email marketing also as another channel to increase sales. The online store is integrated with MailChimp and allows 1001 invitaciones to send offers by email to current and past clients in order to encourage new sales.

We have also created the web responsive design for this ecommerce with the aim of making more convenient the access and purchase through mobile devices and tablets.
Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
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