08 / 07 / 2013

2life web design

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2life web design
2life is a company specializing in the recycling of jewelry and mobile devices. The company has more than 160 stores in major shopping centers in Spain, Portugal, Austria and Costa Rica and aspires to be the world leader in recycling valuables.

The web project has been carried out in combination with the powerful GimenoArtFinal design agency that has been in charge of web design. A web design level, the agency has presented a very clean and clear that reinforces the message of recycling company. It has sought a modern web design to convey empathy.

In terms of programming, the website is self-managed and includes an IP detection application that redirects users to the website of his country. Currently there is a version for Spain, Costa Rica, Portugal, Austria and the international version for other countries.
The website is programmed in PHP with MySQL database.

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