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La Teva Web has developed and designed the website for Belobaba, a cryptocurrency investment funds.
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Investment funds in cryptocurrencies

La Teva Web has developed and designed the website for Belobaba, a cryptocurrency investment fund. Moreover, our digital marketing team has been in charge of developing and promoting an SEO strategy with the aim of attracting traffic from users interested in finding new investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies.

There are Belobaba offices in Barcelona, Gibraltar, the United States and Gibraltar. In order to reach international investors, the content of the website has been written entirely in English.

Web design and development for Belobaba

The programming of Belobaba's website has been done entirely with Wordpress, the most popular CMS on the market. This CMS has many templates and plugins that allow us to create websites with great performance. It provides many advantages in terms of design and content optimisation.

In the case of Belobaba, we have opted for a sober and corporate design. To this aim, the content of the website is accompanied by photographs of the group's offices, as well as statistical data and graphics that provide analytical support to the information.

For the colour scheme of the website, dark blue and orange are the colours used in the texts, menus and CTAs. On the other hand, neutral colours such as light grey or white have been chosen for the background.

Keyword Research and Content Strategy for Belobaba

The main objective of our SEO agency is to develop organic positioning strategies and actions that achieve the traffic and acquisition goals of our clients.

Our digital marketing team has worked on the technical elements and, of course, developed a content strategy focused on the service and solutions offered by Belobaba. For this reason, we have worked with a special focus on the following elements:

Keyword research

The first step in creating the right content strategy for Belobaba is keyword research focused on the cryptocurrency investment fund business.

After the first research phase, prioritisation was carried out taking into account the volume of searches, the level of competition and, of course, the buyer persona that Belobaba is targeting.

Content optimisation and curation

Once the keywords had been selected, we worked on the content of the website with the aim of positioning the website in these niche searches. To do this, we have carried out a content curation of the following elements:

  • Metatitle tag: this tag is used to enter the keywords chosen in the keyword research and to orientate the content of each of the urls to one of these searches.
  • Metadescription: we use the meta description to make a summary of the content that will be found within that url and draw the user's attention. This is a fundamental element in order to have a good CTR.
  • Headers: we have used of the headers to introduce the keyword that we are working on the content of the url.

Blogs for investors

Finally, we have created a news blog focused on users interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

The blog is a fundamental element of Belobaba's content strategy. It is also one of the most important ways for the website to reach new users through informative and topical content on investment funds and cryptocurrencies. 


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