15 / 03 / 2012

Google and the next semantic search

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Google and the next semantic search
According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will make major changes to your browser with the introduction of semantic search in order to improve service and increase its market share worldwide of around 66%.

A new feature will be the answer to questions. That is, for example we ask who is the president of Spain? and, in turn, listing many websites that include these keywords, gives us the answer in the top of the search result page.

We must stress that this is not a substitution of the current search by keyword, but it's expand the services of Google with the "semantic search", which is to understand the true meaning of words and, for example, the use of synonyms to get closer to how people ask in real life.

Google hopes that semantic search also to keep users more time on your search page to the detriment of social networks and generate business. We may for example, search for an author of a book and suggests that Google has written books, authors related and why not? connect with Google shopping to buy those books.

It is estimated that the shift toward semantic search could directly affect 10-20% of search results.

Google also intends to tailor their advertisements to the new semantic search, which would improve the economic return of such notices.

The impulse was given semantic search with the acquisition by Google in 2010 of

However, the last change that was expected to go much further, it comes as a result of the acquisition by Google in 2010 Metaweb Technologies, which was then a rate of 12 million records, such as movies, books, business and celebrities, four times the record that the English version of Wikipedia. It is estimated that this rate is 200 million entities, which serve to organize the data scattered across the Web.

Semantic search, despite its complexity, is coming increasingly to be real.
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