Semantic search has arrived to Google
Updated: 07 / 02 / 2022

Semantic search has arrived to Google

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
Francesc Sánchez
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The rumor is becoming reality. Google announced that the company was working on semantic search in order to improve their search results. Well, they have started testing and you can view and begin to imagine how it will affect the SEO strategy.

The goal of semantic search is to make that Google thinks like a human, is simple but very complicated. One of the most basic parts of the semantic search using synonyms. To take an example, if we are looking for a company providing with tax advice in Barcelona, we would search terms such as "gestoría fiscal Barcelona" and expect to get results for “gestorías Barcelona”. At this point everything seems all right, but what about the advisors or “asesorías”. In fact an “asesoría” and a “gestoría” are the same, then Google should not give the same results for the search of any of the two terms?. No, because Google works with the text of the website, if the word does not appear when searching “gestoría” it won’t be in the search results.

However, this has changed. If you try to search for "gestoría fiscal Barcelona" you will find, if you go to the second page, that Google suggests you also results for "tax advice Barcelona" and, moreover, these results are mixed in search results page. But also, you will find listed websites for "tax gestoría Barcelona" on the first page of Google that do not mention the word “gestoría“... a big step forward in online marketing will facilitate the use of more understandable content in Web pages.

A big change that will force online marketing companies to change SEO strategies.

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
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