06 / 11 / 2011

New changes on Google: it becomes even fresher

New changes on Google: it becomes even fresher
Google has announced this month a major change in its search algorithm that will affect your search engine optimization. One change that was expected from the project company Caffeine and will affect the positioning of web pages, in fact it is long ago affecting you.

The project Caffeine was launched 1 year ago and changed the way that Google prioritizes results, that is to say: the algorithm most unknown to the world. When Caffeine indexing became permanent, the process was not layered nor periodic, and included great new features such as giving more weight to websites with videos, pictures and news in real time. Google algorithm named it 50% cooler than the previous, this change had a clear impact on the SEO web pages.

The new changes announced are based on the evolution of Caffeine. The idea is simple and consists in searches offer the most current Google for certain types of searches. For example, if you want information on the Football League, it's easy to understand that we are probably about the league more recently, ie the year in effect. If we seek information on the Barcelona striker, we might refer to the current one Leo Messi and not a striker of the club 20 years ago. If you want to see it clearest: simply search for "elections" in, and see that all results on the first page of Google refer to 2011 ones in Spain.

Google even give us the results page with just minutes to live. Simply freshest content, clearly affecting SEO strategies and therefore web design.

These changes do not affect all Google searches because in some search these changes are meaningless. It will be the case for example of research about cooking recipes or even web design. It aims to offer fresh content on current topics or content that are to be renewed periodically. It is expected that it will have impact on 35% of all searches.

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