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The use of the colors in web design

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The use of the colors in web design
The use of color in web design is closely related to the product or service you want to sell or communicate. Depending on the type of product applied one or another dominant color in web design. We provide a guide to what kind of colors and emotions generated by the consumer.

Red: a color that conveys action, energy, urgency and passion. As dynamic and emotive colors recommended for use in web design for impulse buying products and to transmit warnings.

Blue: builds trust, loyalty and security passes. It is ideal for use in web design for products they wish to convey a sense of cleanliness or confidence. It would be ideal for example for a law firm.

Yellow: in web design attract attention but should be dosed use, is suitable for juvenile products.

Green: web design ideal for green and healthy products. It is ideal for products or medical aimentación.

Pink. It is difficult to apply color in web design it evokes romance and femininity and shades can easily refer too outdated. Ideal for young consumers and cosmetics.

Brown. In web design evokes severe feelings of maturity and rustic. It would be ideal for a law firm seeking to sell expertise.

Gray. Evokes sadness and indecision, so its use in web design is limited to its combination with other colors.

Orange: as red is a color that drives dynamic and creative action. It is a suitable color for certain technology and creativity. Thus, for example our web design company for use in its corporate image.

Back: It brings feelings of elegance, aggressiveness and dignity. Often used in web design for luxury products such as watches, electronics or jewelry.

White: The base color for excellence in web design and is currently fashionable in web design as easy to read. Generates a sense of purity and serenity. It is simply a color to combine.
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