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28 / 12 / 2011

Google+ Direct Connect

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Google+ Direct Connect
Google is determined to give a special relevance to Google+ corporate pages in its Google search, which will have a positive impact in search engine results. Currently the search for the name of a company, such as "latevaweb" we get the Google+ company page among the top results. Also the latest updates and commentaries will also appear and be linked directly to the page on Google+. This change will directly affect the positioning strategy of websites and web design.

Following this, Google has just launched Google+ Direct Connect, which will replace the traditional search operator "+" on Google search. That is, if you search for "+ latevaweb" you will be able to directly access to our page on Google+ and have the option to add it to your circles automatically.

The direct connection is not yet active or for all users or for all pages of Google+ and it will mainly affect the pages that Google defines as popular. If you want to add your website to the Google+ Direct Connect, it is very easy. Simply incorporate the Google logo+ and link your website to your Google page+.


The only downside we see to this is that Google has not released yet the "vanity url". We have then to continue using url such as https://plus.google.com/118305846280254709140/posts impossible to remember instead of http://plus.google.com/latevaweb.

Another step of Google to gain relevance in social networks.

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