Google+ Direct Connect
Updated: 04 / 04 / 2022

Google+ Direct Connect

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
Francesc Sánchez
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Google is determined to give a special relevance to Google+ corporate pages in its Google search, which will have a positive impact in search engine results. Currently the search for the name of a company, such as "latevaweb" we get the Google+ company page among the top results. Also the latest updates and commentaries will also appear and be linked directly to the page on Google+. This change will directly affect the positioning strategy of websites and web design.

Following this, Google has just launched Google+ Direct Connect, which will replace the traditional search operator "+" on Google search. That is, if you search for "+ latevaweb" you will be able to directly access to our page on Google+ and have the option to add it to your circles automatically.

The direct connection is not yet active or for all users or for all pages of Google+ and it will mainly affect the pages that Google defines as popular. If you want to add your website to the Google+ Direct Connect, it is very easy. Simply incorporate the Google logo+ and link your website to your Google page+.


The only downside we see to this is that Google has not released yet the "vanity url". We have then to continue using url such as impossible to remember instead of

Another step of Google to gain relevance in social networks.

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
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Francesc Sánchez — Digital marketing expert
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