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09 / 11 / 2011

How to create a Google+ Company Profile

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How to create a Google+ Company Profile
Simply, they're here! After talking about its arrival and how would be, Google has just laucnhed the Google+ company profiles.

If you go into your profile you will see a button that has appeared on the left with a new option: Create a Google page +. If you click you can create it.

The new company profiles are extremely similar to the profiles of people, incorporating the same options as a normal profile and even the "About Me" remains, which detracts a little image of the company profile.

To register a company profile is simple, in fact the registration process will remind you a lot to other social networks and the company profile can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. You choose the category you want: local business, product or brand, company, institution or organization; Arts, entertainment or sports, or Other. According to the chosen category must detail the company name, sector and a brief description and you can start posting.

A special feature of the profiles is that instead of the classic "I like" opt to be a follower or include it directly in a circle of visitors. The company profile, once created, is very easy to handle, in fact more than other social networks.

Google has given a paramount importance to its simplicity combined with a very clean web design that helps reading. Google plus has also launched its new gadget or icon. Now we only have to wait that users of social networks also move to Google+.

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