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25 / 06 / 2015

Creating an e-commerce: previous questions

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Creating an e-commerce: previous questions
Are you thinking of creating an e-commerce? From La Teva Web, as experts in the design of online stores, we'll offer you some thoughts which we hope will help you to focus your project. There are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding to make an online store.

First of all, you should know that the situation of the sector is in full swing, every day dozens of new online stores appear in the network, increasing the market and variety of products and services. But in this changing market, there are also many changes in reverse. In fact, just a 1 in 10 is consolidated as a business. The rest will close.

The reason? Well, a lot of factor can have influence on it, but the main element in most cases is the absence (or errors in its preparation) of a business plan. It's important to analyze all the variables, and really determine if it could be a profitable business.

You must carefully analyze your product, your potential audience, your competition ... and write a detailed business plan. This should be added to an online marketing plan.

What I can sell at an online store?

To answer this question there's no consensus in the sector. Many marketers argue that not all products that are physically sell can be sold throught an ecommerce. Another experts say that's no longer true. And the truth is that both have some reason. More and more types of products and services are sold through Internet without any problem. It is true that in some specific product types, a specific individual user profile prefer buying at physical stores to see and touch the product. For example, many people don't want to buy clothes without trying it on, or to buy a couch without sitting in it. We must consider this reality, but slowly the user is breaking these barriers.

Once I decided what we will sell and considered that there is enough market to launch my business, it's time to deploy an online marketing strategy aimed at making my online store a profitable business. And that's what we will discuss in our next article.

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