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29 / 06 / 2015

Creating an e-commerce: Tips for selling online (1)

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Creating an e-commerce: Tips for selling online (1)
In our previous article we explained you some preliminary questions and considerations before opening an online store. Now in this article we are going to expose some keys to a second phase: tips to increase the sales of your online business.

1. The online store design

If I arrive to an online store which visually disgusts me, I did not find what I was looking for or gives me a bad feeling, bye bye. It is therefore essential that the web design captures the attention of the user who wants to know the products we offer. It must be well oriented to the style of our target public and has to have the brand image coherent with it.

2. Responsive Web Design

The responsive web design is critical to 7 out of 10 buyers. If your site is not well adapted to the device from which the users connect to your store, most of them will leave the site without buying and will not return. And that has also consequences your SEO. And think about that: 70% of users prefer to shop with a tablet.

3. The product info

Set a good product info provides greater security to consumers, and the CRM will increase. Also, and this is very important, it will help us greatly in our SEO. But this takes time and effort. In the product description take also that Google penalizes duplicate content.

4. The product image

This is fundamental, because finding an image of quality will be critical to the user and to our friend Google. Take the image of the provider and use images without resolution or too small, or too amateur images are the most common mistakes. In terms of images SEO optimization, you should keep in mind that all images must have the same dimensions, must have the lowest possible weight, you should add keywords in the name, title and alternate text.

5. Accessibility and usability

When deigning a web you must think in an easy navigation: the user should find easily what he wants, find it easy to build the shopping cart, complete the order, and so on. It is therefore recommended to test with potential users before launching the web: see where they click, , what problems they find, and so on. Once the site is online there are tools that analyze the users behavior, such as Google Analytics, or Sumome.

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