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Web and SEO in Romania for TDF

The international group TDF (Fluid Technique), a company specialized in pump solutions, has decided to launch this year a website focused on the Romanian market.

SEO strategy in Romania

Company specialized in pump solutions

The international group TDF (Fluid Technique), a company specialized in pump solutions, has decided to launch this year a website focused on the Romanian market.

To promote the style of the brand, TDF has decided to follow the same corporate design of the rest of the group's websites for this new domain tdfpompe.ro.

Therefore, the main idea of ​​the project has been to highlight the feature that they are two different websites, but with the same graphic line and common elements.

The categories of company (with the entire history of the group), products (with the product catalog), sectors and contact have been maintained.

Before publishing it, the website is adapted to each country with contact details, products and technology. What allows the web design of custom websites is to change these aspects without having to create a website from the beginning. It is a design that is very adaptable to changes and aesthetically maintains all the essence of its original website.


SEO strategy in Romania

Once the website for TDF Romania is ready to be published, the SEO strategy is set with the aim of starting to position itself in the searches carried out in Romania.

Before starting with the content and link building, we have to study which domain name and extension to choose. In this case, the new TDF website is hosted with a .ro (Romania) extension, which can favor us when positioning in Romania.

In addition to the domain extension, we have taken into account the following SEO positioning factors for SEO in Romania:

  • Keyword Research: one of the first points to carry out is a study of keywords that helps us understand and analyze the searches carried out by Romanian users. As we always say, each country searches in a very different way, so we must carefully select the most interesting keywords for our project. In this case, it has been decided to position by words such as: pompe centrifugale or pompe submersible.
  • Unique content: We always have to adapt the content to the way of speaking and to the expressions of the place and avoid automatic translations.
  • Local linkbuiding: Getting links from our same sector and in the country (Romania) in which we want to position ourselves, is vital to build a credible and natural link profile.
  • Hreflang tags: in order to avoid duplicate content and show Google the different versions of each page, it is very important to use the hreflang tag for each language version. This way, we add the hreflang tags of the different pages of both the Romanian version and the rest of the pages of the group.

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