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03 / 08 / 2012

Web design OCA Socotec

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Web design OCA Socotec
Redesign of the new OCA Socotec website, a company accredited by ENAC and AENOR certified to deliver comprehensive solutions for industrial safety, risk prevention, environment, energy efficiency, construction and other.

With the new web design we have created we have modernized the appearance of the website, first simplifying and enhancing the design of the corporate line, and on the other hand, improving the navigation across the web content . Another goal we have done has been to improve the accessibility, making it more compatible with web navigation devices (including mobile devices), replacing the old flash elements with the latest javascript technologies and using webfonts technology avoiding the eternal use of title images. Besides, we have optimized the internal HTML semantics to improve SEO through natural indexing in the different search engines.

Another improvement, this time focused on functionality, has been the inclusion of a new back office system version, a self-development tool made to improve the managing user experience of own website

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