14 / 05 / 2013

New web design: Living Lisboa

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New web design: Living Lisboa
We have just launched the Living Lisboa’s website, a Portuguese company of rental apartments in Lisbon.

The web design of the website has a touch of minimalism, making vistors to focus all their attention on the photographs of the apartments and the search engine. In fact, the search engine is very highlighted with orange colors to encourage its use by the user.

At a web programming level, the website can be managed by the administrator that can modify all the contents of the website through a backoffice. The search engine is integrated with the Prestige enterprise software, which uses the company for the daily management of their apartments. The integration allows customers to manage all reservations and information of their apartments from a single application.The website is entirely in English as the target audience is mainly English-speaking. The website is also interconnected with other websites such as
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