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08 / 08 / 2013

Web Design for Spain4People

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Web Design for Spain4People
Spain4People is an agency dedicated to offer Spanish courses in Spain for foreign students offering all necessary services.

The website incorporates from a corporate presentation of the company to its complete portfolio of services for foreign students in Barcelona. In terms of web design we have worked out a modern web design, next and attractive to convey a sense of quality and safety. Not surprisingly, many of their customers are the parents of the students. Additionally, this touch of quality and modernity conveys a sense of caring details and differentiate it from its competitors operating with more traditional websites full of banners and content.

In terms of web design we have worked with responsive web design and given much importance to the picture filling the screen of your computer or mobile device. Given that the website is aimed at a young audience that usually mobile and tablets to navigate, we have placed special emphasis on the web page display on mobile devices, whether mobile phones or smartphones.

As regards online marketing the project has a major challenge that is the SEO in Google mainly but also in other search engines like Yandex or Baidu. Keep in mind that the target audience of the company is located outside of Spain. The international SEO involves a greater difficulty than usual national organic SEO. We have acquired various territorial domains and used the web geolocation. We have just launched the website and it is now time to start the SEO strategy for keywords like learning Spanish in Spain.

Also in the field of online marketing, we will soon consider a strategy of social media or social networks at facebook, twitter and google+.

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