27 / 03 / 2013

New web design Vencafesa

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New web design Vencafesa
Vencafesa, based in Barcelona city, is a company that supplies vending machines and vending products to businesses of all sizes. The company offers vending machines of premium international brands.

The website offers a corporate presentation of the company and its services and products.
The web design of the website has focused on providing a modern and corporate web design that helps the client to easily access the services offered by the company. We have  played with a combination of warm and cool colors depending on the type of product.

At a web design level we have also reorganized the structure and hierarchy of content. Prior website suffered from very diffuse and complicated structure. Now main products are visible on all pages of the site, avoiding the use of drop down menus .

The website is in two languages and has been programmed as a mobile web for mobile devices, in line with recent trends in online marketing.

Visit Vencafesa máquinas de vending

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