27 / 12 / 2010

Fonts and web design

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Fonts and web design
One of the traditional limitations in web design is the use of fonts. The web sites will find the font directly to the customer's computer. The result is that in web design work always with the three most common fonts that maintain a certain aesthetic (Arial, Verdana and Tahoma), while very popular sources like Helvetica graphics remain in the gutter and that is not installed most computers. In addition, there are several sources such as Calibri or Georgia, web design popular in countries like the UK which are displayed in different sizes depending on the browser used.

To solve this problem in web design, we use CSS3. We simply must go via FTP the source we want to use the web site and define it as the CSS @ font-face, then apply it as a class. This strategy works correctly in all browsers, IE6 excelpto! For this browser should be used as TrueType or OpenType font. All and so often cause problems.

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