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Updated: 11 / 04 / 2022

ECigIntelligence, SEO for paid content

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Although the content is restricted, we can work on a comprehensive SEO strategy

One of the most complicated scenarios when it comes to working on search engine optimization is the lack of content on a website. This lack usually has its origin in a non-existent bet of some companies in turning their web into a relevant channel within their marketing strategy.

But there are other scenarios in which the lack of content on a website is motivated by other factors. For example, a portal that offers information products such as reports or market studies. In these cases, we cannot show such content publicly, since its sale is the main source of income for the company.

So, how do we approach an SEO strategy on a website where content is restricted? We have recently faced a project with these characteristics: ECigIntelligence, which offers reports and other informative products about the electronic cigarette sector. Discover how to make SEO work on paid content.

Restricted content and SEO

The main problem with paid content and SEO is the inability of Google bot (or any other search engine bot) to access the full content for crawling and indexing. This implies that although we have a complete document on a topic of interest, Google will not be able to access it and catalog it correctly in its index.

To skip this limitation, there are several approaches, which can complement each other. On the one hand, we can include an introduction to the restricted content that Google can openly crawl. In this way, Google will be able to understand what kind of content we offer and catalog it accordingly. Even so, it will not be able to track the entire document.

On the other hand, Schema data markup offers an option for paid content, which Google interprets correctly. By adding this information, along with other recommendations from the search engine documentation, we will explicitly tell Google that it is a restricted content.

Finally, if we have added the Schema specification, we can go one step further and show Google bot the full content and show the restricted content to the users. In this way, it will crawl the complete information and index it correctly. To avoid penalties, we must take into account 2 points:

  • Incorporate the Schema data markup.
  • Verify correctly that is the real Google bot when displaying the complete content.

In addition to applying these specifications, we should not leave aside other aspects of SEO. In the technical section, the ECigIntelligence website is developed with Wordpress, so it presents some of the characteristic problems of this CMS, such as the indexing of irrelevant pages for an SEO strategy. Once the bases of on-page optimization are established, we will work in the external phase, through the generation of new external links.

SEO expert Barcelona
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