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Project with greater complexity in web layout
Ecofestes webpage

The ecological solution for events

Ecofestes, a company that manufactures recyclable cups for events, has renewed its web page. LA TEVA WEB was in charge of the programming and web layout since the design of the web page was it came determined from outside.

The greatest complexity that we have found with the project is the layout of the web page, since many effects, transitions and illustrations had to be added.  

Regarding the programming of the web, it has been done in such a way for greater SEO optimization and improve the loading speed in browsers.  

Once the web page is published, the next step is to work on SEO through a study of keywords in the Spanish market. For Ecofestes we will work on the concepts: recyclable cups, reusable cups or customizable cups. In addition to SEO, advertising campaigns will be carried out in Google Ads so that our ads appear the moment a user is on the website looking for what we want to show.

As we have already mentioned, we have encountered difficulties in laying out the web page, not only for Desktop media but also to make it a web responsive (mobile and tablet) as well the user experience on the website is improved.

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