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E-commerce for Alseresport, which specializes in providing sports equipment to all types of communities.
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Ecommerce of sports material for schools

Alser Esport online store, a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of sports, recreational and educational equipment for schools and sports centers. We have renewed the design of the online store as well as the optimization of it to get a good web positioning in Google.

The web design chosen for the online store has been defined with corporate colors, together with the color white. The main color of the website is blue and red, as it is considered an aggressive and offer / promotion color, it has only been used for links. Instead, the white color has been used in the background to give the feeling of a clean and tidy online store, in addition it is a web page that breathes.

The main objective of the new design is that it adapts to all devices, that is, to be responsive since the old online store was not and hindered visibility on a mobile or tablet and created a bad user experience. On the other hand, to facilitate the search for a specific product, a search engine has been added in the header so that anyone can find the product they are looking for and that meets their needs. In addition, all products have been categorized into large groups and, in each category, a specific icon has been added to make it more striking and attractive.

The next step to work is SEO, where we will work on the concepts chosen thanks to the study we have previously done, to achieve a good web positioning in Google
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