28 / 05 / 2014

Ecommerce and online marketing for ParafarmaciaPlus

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Ecommerce and online marketing for ParafarmaciaPlus is the online store of Chacón Group. The online store is dedicated to selling online drugstore products offering a large a variety of products at the best prices and with fast delivery.

The e-commerce includes a large amount of content, such as videos and news related with the thousands of products it sells. It also includes a powerful search engine for products by brand name and reference and showing suggestions of similar products. As regards with the management of the store, the product information is directly linked to the management software of the company.

In terms of web design, the challenge has been to deal with a large amount of content without affecting the usability of the website. Therefore, the organization of content in a clear and accessible way has been the main requirement of the project.

As regards web design, it is important to know that main audience of the ecommerce may be women. Following this we have used very bright and saturated colors, incorporating pink and green, in order to offer a feminine and proximity touch.

As regards to online marketing, we are carrying out a marketing strategy that includes social networks such as facebook, google+, youtube and twitter. Moreover we are designing a strategy of SEO for keywords such as online pharmacy.

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