Ecommerce and seo for Soul&Home
Updated: 15 / 02 / 2022

Ecommerce and seo for Soul&Home

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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Soul&Home is a store specializing in the sale of decorative objects and original furniture that wanted to go online. They have hired our web design and marketing online services with the aim of achieving a fashionable e-commerce that will rank well on Google, increase leads and will boost company sales.

At the online marketing level, the strategy that has been established for the following months is to optimize the online store to get a good SEO and rank well on Google. To achieve this, a key-word study has been carried out to find out how household sectors work. Once the study is done, the concepts to be worked are: decoration objects, original furniture, children's decoration, side tables, cushions or lighting lamps, among many others. Following this we will focus mainly on Spanish words such as objetos de decoración and muebles originales.

As regards to web design, we have looked for an up-to-date design that immediately catches the eye of the potential client. We have played with blue and white colors combined with large images of furniture and decoration gadgets.

The main menu has been divided into nine different sections: the first 6 are related to the decoration of the home in order to make the navigation of the user easier and clearer. The remaining three sections are the most corporate ones: blog, company profile and the contact.

At the homepage we show offers and new launches combined with a bit of all major categories of home products and furniture offered by the e-commerce.

With regards to the blog, we will use it with two objectives: publish articles rlated to the world of decoration and improve our online marketing strategy in terms of seo due to the generation of interesting and appealing content that Google with love.

As costumers navigate through the website, we want them to access all products very easily and we have launched a search engine that is capable of suggesting alternatives when a client types a search. It is particularly important for some products that do not have very standard or common names. Who will look for a cow head in a search engine?

When analyzing a specific product, you can see an image and zoom in; which allows you to see all minor details of the product you are interested in, giving you the feeling that you can almost touch it. In addition, there is a description of the product where you can find extra information like measurements and materials. On the same page of the product, you can see the section of related products.

The company is offering premium products and they want to make all the purchasing procedure very easy for clients. Accordingly, we are offering free shipping for costs for purchases over 70 €, fast delivery (between 24/48 hours), secure payment with Paypal, Visa and Mastercard or bank transfer.

Besides this, the soul&home brand has some presence in the social networks Facebook and Instagram. We will use this two social networks with the aim of letting clients know about neew launches.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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