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The color in web design

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The color in web design
The web design, as a communication channel is affected by the use of one color or another as with any graphic design. The use of color imposes a range of feelings and perceptions that will awaken to the client. Thus, his choice must be very thoughtful, from the same logo design web design.

Behind the use of color theory there are a base mounted on scientific studies and in nature such as yellow and black colors are so alert and certain insects such as bees or wasps show that color, a technique that took advantage in time for taxis in Barcelona. For example, in the current crisis, it was found that car consumers have moved from bold colors to more sober colors such as white. Also in 1936 he made a very interesting study providing blue dye to certain dishes, the result was clear: customers were sick after the meal, without any scientific reason.

The color used in a product or web design also has sensory effects. The green color gives such a sense of healthy red versus pulse stimulates and increases adrenaline and hunger. This means that for example McDonalds has changed its entire corporate image to the green image to encourage a healthy product.

Finally, one color or another generates emotions, can be used in reverse, and make the color of a product and, consequently, your web design to surprise the consumer. Heinz is what he did successfully with green ketchup sauce twenty years ago.
Francesc Sánchez
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