04 / 02 / 2014

Facebook’s 10th birthday

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Facebook’s 10th birthday
Facebook is the social network for excellence and together with Google has become the king of online marketing. The social network was created as a platform for communication among Harvard undergraduates on 4 February 2004. Ten years after the social network has over 1.2 million accounts created and become the leader of social networks.
In these ten years Facebook has done nothing but grow and renew itself to become an item of daily use by millions of people. Furthermore, the social network has acquired other platforms like Instagram or Zynga with its famous FarmVille.

Although Facebook has entered a stage of some maturity relaxing its subscriber growth. Facebook went public last year and achieved revenues of 5.832 million euros and 1,111 million profit pushed by the obligation of giving results to their investors. However, such income may be the great future of Facebook brake. Not for nothing has been achieved mainly by very aggressive trading strategies that require companies to pay for advertising if they want their fans to see their posts, something that is likely to turn against the social network.

What is Facebook 's future growth or decline? It will depend solely on them. They have a priori all to continue expanding, especially through mobile but must redesign its trade and publishing policies or customers may move to other social networks.
Francesc Sánchez
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Francesc Sánchez
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