09 / 03 / 2012

Facebook's new design kills landing pages

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Facebook's new design kills landing pages
March 31st is the deadline for companies to update their Facebook pages to new Facebook's design. Facebook's new design is intended, according to themselves, to reinforce the strengths of companies and brands to tell their story through the famous Timeline begining in the very ferst moment the company created its Facebook page.

At a design level, the possibility to incorporate a new large image at the top of the Facebook page is a great idea. However, it has a major limitation, it is expressly prohibited the use of a commercial or promotional image, for example to incorporate discounts or suggesting interacting with any area of the page, completely liquidating the famous welcome pages or landing pages in Facebook that boosted "Like" clicks increasing the number of fans.

Another important change is the disapparition of the tabs to go to have a prominent place in the header. However, it only shows 4 by default, one being the photo tab, and can display up to just 8 tabs. Hence limiting the use of applications.
New features include a new administration panel and statistics available at first sight and the possibility of contact with our fans privately through messages.

The Facebook page goes a step further in design but it pays far less attention to applications and seems to not have been very conscious of so many users who had customized their Facebook page and see how this personalization disappears overnight.

If you can not wait to update your site, you can do now. Otherwise, the find on March 31st.

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