12 / 05 / 2015

Online marketing. Google+ Collections

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Online marketing. Google+ Collections

Digital marketing professionals already know that need to follow closely the changes in Google+, Google's social network. Today we’ll talk about a very important novelty in Google+: the release of a new tool for the photographic segment, designed as a competitor to Pinterest.

Whith the launch of Google+ Collections, Google offers a functionality that copies  the most famous Pinterest tool, organizing users and pics by topics. Thus, the user can group his social network publications by topic, creating different collections.

How to use Google+ Collections: access the Start menu in the left column of the profile, and select the content. Then, when a user creates his first collection in his profile a new tab appears, displaying their collections. Clicking on it will let other people follow collections of topics that could be of interest for them. It also offers different levels of privacy for your collections.

Would you want to try it? It is only currently available for Web and Google+ app on Android (available in the latest App update). For now, users of IOS will need to wait a bit (very little according to Google sources).

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager at La Teva Web. I often translate between programmers, clients, users and Google

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