27 / 11 / 2013

Google+ custom Urls

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Google+ custom Urls
Until now to remember any url of a Google+ page was nearly impossible, a bunch of endless letters and number impossible to remember. Google+ already been fixed with the new custom urls, like most of the rest of social networks.

Our address for Google+ until now was , an address that makes reference to our user ID. Google+ now follows in the footsteps of other social networks providing url such as Now our address is easy to remember and type
If you want to create your custom url, you just have to get on your Google+  and you will find a message that will mention the option of setting up your custom url, which is usually the + plus the name we have used to create the social profile. This is to say the name of your company. It is important to decide well the url because you won’t be able to change it.

You can choose a custom url as long as you meet some requirements. For people, you have to have at least 10 followers, 1 month with the social profile opened and have uploaded a profile picture. For local pages you have  to have your website verified on Google.
Francesc Sánchez
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