28 / 09 / 2011

Google+ for everybody

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Google+ for everybody
Finally Google has outpaced the beta of its new social network Google+ and it is open to all users.

Once the official version has been launched, you will also fin some new functions such as a search content box.

Android integration has also been improved with the aim of allowing the same functionality than through website.

Google is said to have accelerated the launch of the opened Google+ due to the rapid reaction of Facebook that has been progressively incorporating the new functions of Google +. For example, Facebook has drawn the lists that come to be the same as Google + circles. The same happened with subscriptions.

But the most expected new will most probably arrive in the following days: + company profiles that will enable companies and businesses to create their pages and Google + circles like a particular user. One example is General Motors page that already appears in Google +.
Francesc Sánchez
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