05 / 11 / 2011

Google + drives your business use

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Google + drives your business use
Google has reported that Google + has been enabled for enterprise. This activation of Google Plus has been done through Google Apps, which supposed to be available only to those companies that have contracted the service of Google Apps.

Companies and organizations have access through Google Apps to the same utilities that individual users of social networking Google + . In the next few days this new feature will be active for all companies at Google Apps.

The greatest advantage and step forward will be to use the idea of ​​circles within the same organization. For example, all employees of a marketing department of a company can share information and impressions with their sales force network in real time. Outside this circle, the company may allow foster communication with all employees in a simple and intuitive.

It's a great idea from Google that will undoubtedly improve the competitiveness of enterprises and their internal communication and had not been implemented by any of the other major social networks.

Google will facilitate the migration of customers to use Google + Google Apps.
Google Plus is already used by over 40 million users and it is expected that this last movement will boost its use by organizations and companies. A big step forward in online marketing.

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