05 / 11 / 2011

Google Plus company profiiles

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Google Plus company profiiles
Creating profiles on Google Plus is the external challenge to drive Google Google + use by businesses. In this respect there is still some confusion as some media have treated the announcement of Google Plus the integration with Google Apps.

Google has made great strides recently in promoting its use internally in the companies through its integration with Google Apps, a move that will undoubtedly improve their use and productivity of enterprises, especially medium and large companies. A movement that is ahead of competing social networks.

But Google is missing to give even the next step that we all expect a level of online marketing: creating company profiles and externally. This means that companies may have their own profile external clients to communicate to his style profiles that have businesses in other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. At present, companies do not have the ability to create company profiles and external public and that limits the use of social network. But Google already advanced plans to launch later this year.

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