Ice Natur, a cold web design
Updated: 05 / 04 / 2021

Ice Natur, a cold web design

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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Ice Natur is a company that has more than 25 years dedicated to the elaboration of ice cream and sorbet for restaurants and ice cream shops.

The brand of Ice Natur has a strategic position in the ice cream market that places the company at the top of the market, thanks to offering a product of first quality and a wide range of possibilities where innovation always prevails. In addition, the company has an extensive catalog of more than 300 different products to be displayed on the company's website.

Concerning web design, we have tried to convey a feeling of cold and warmth at the same time. For this purpose, the photographs have been slightly whitened so as to provide with that frozen effect, that combined with the extensive use of warmer Ice Natur’s corporate color.

As regards web programming, programmers have focused on a web catalog that is self-manageable by the client and offers different views based on the family.

The website incorporates a corporate presentation of the company with videos and a news section with the aim of announcing new product launches and corporate news. This section should allow us to show Google and other search engines that the web page is a living and moving page, which will favor us in terms of SEO, which will be the main online marketing tool that we are going to exploit in this project.

Finally, the website is in two languages ​​and is responsive, so it adapts to the device from which the web page is displayed. We hope that you enjoy the web design of Ice Natur.

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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