Iluminable e-commerce

Lighting and decoration ecommerce. Lightable is an e-commerce or online store aimed at all audiences with a variety of functional and related exclusive decoration and lighting.
Lighting e-commerce

Dedicated to the world of lighting and decoration

Iluminable is an e-commercestore where we can find a generous variety of functional and exclusive items related to the world of electricity, decoration and home use. Among its product offering can be found from a WIFFI vintage record player to a lamp for bats.

At a web design level, the online store is inspired by the concept of select brands and modern and classic products. We have worked in order to obtain a sober and modern web design that enhances the photographs of the products.

On a technical level the challenge has been to level of usability as an accessible way to show a large number of decoration and lighting to work with thousands of references and attributes.

As regards online marketing we have focused in social media or social networking use and an ongoing SEO campaign.

Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
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Eduardo Jiménez — Web developer
As a senior web developer at La Teva Web, I have worked on countless projects, always providing the best solution for the client. Thanks to my experience, I am able to define well-structured and solid web projects with custom programming, achieving a stable and long-lasting final product.

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