International SEO campaign for Art & Servei
Updated: 07 / 03 / 2022

International SEO campaign for Art & Servei

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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Our client Art & Servei, manufacturers of packaging, POS and graphic communication products and marketing in Barcelona, let us know they set as a priority of business on the French market, taking advantage of the geographical proximity and price competitiveness of the company.

We have been studying the situation with the client, and we are deploying an online marketing strategy that goes through different phases in order to concentrate efforts, consolidating results before tackling other challenges.

As this objectives are strategic investments in the long term, we will prioritize the International SEO strategy. In this context, and after a thorough study of the keywords, we have chosen to work for put into the top of results the keywords packaging, pos, emballage , emballage alimentaire and marchandisage .

Our SEO strategy is going to be reinforced by other tasks that are technically developing: we bought a territorial domain for the target audience, a .fr, and built a separate website for the French public, which will help us to tell Google that we are focused on this market. And we can also incorporate keywords exclusively in French for the new domain. This is extremely important because using a territorial domain .fr no longer need to buy a hosting specifically in France and we can keep our hosting in Barcelona, something always technically advisable. But the most important thing it is to have a specific territorial domain for any international SEO campaign. For now the SEO work will be the basis of our online marketing strategy for this project.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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Bruno Díaz — Marketing Manager
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