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25 / 05 / 2015

International SEO campaign for Embriogyn

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International SEO campaign for Embriogyn
Embriogyn is an ivf clinic located in Tarragona, quite close to Barcelona in Spain. This ivf clinic in Spain is among the best clinics in Europe offering a wide range of treatments within the scope of reproductive medicine, from IVF treatments to preimplantation genetic diagnosis. The clinic has one of the best group of specialists with recognized experience and most modern available technology.

The company is located in the area of Barcelona in Spain and offers treatments not only to Spaniards but also a large number of foreigners. The company wants to expand and it is now targeting clients located in Italy and the United Kingdom through the Internet.

Embriogyn has hired us to develop an ambitious online marketing strategy that will target these two international markets. We will start with the United Kingdom with a SEM and a SEO campaign.

After some research with tools such as Google adwords among others we have decided to work with keywords such as Ivf Barcelona or Ivf Spain. This will apply, in combination with some other keywords, to both SEM and SEO campaigns.
Regarding the seo campaign, we have bought a .co.uk domain and built an independent website for the English language that will help us telling to Google that we are addressing the UK market. Using a .co.uk market we do not need to buy a hosting in the UK and we can keep our hosting located in Barcelona, which always helps. We have also improved the content of the English website in order to meet the requirements of English people. We have to bear in mind that there are several cultural differences between a Spanish or an English couple when looking for a IVF clinic.

The aim of Embriogyn is to offer high quality service to English people, always based on professional, medical and business ethics within the current legislation.

Embriogyn IVF clinic in Spain

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