International SEO for Pahí
Updated: 11 / 11 / 2022

International SEO for Pahí

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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Pahí is a company that enjoys a very good reputation among tartaric acid suppliers and  cream of tartar suppliers. The company is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of tartaric products. As we discussed a few days ago, La Teva Web Barcelona created the web design with concrete web programming functions and raised an online marketing strategy and SEO International. From the latter, we will speak more deeply.

What kind of International SEO strategy has been applied for Pahí?

The customer wants to expand its market to some countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan or Mexico. With this aim, we are now focusing in an international SEO strategy that will allow us to increase the presence of Pahí at the top search pages results of  Google and other searchers. We are working with both a multilingual and a multi-regional in order to target users in these different countries. We have decided to work with different domains, one for each language and hosted each website in a local IP and building links from local websites.

To achieve the objective of obtaining a good seo for the English web, a previous study of keywords has been carried out. We have analyzed the keywords that the client considers as most relevant for his business and we have tried to find which are also those words that customers use when searching these products. At the end of this proces, we get those words proposed by the client and those words used by customers that the client may had not though about.

As regards to the English version, we will work with keywords such as potassium bitartrate suppliers, and rochelle salt suppliers.

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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