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IVF Spain: SEO in the UK for Embriogyn

Developing an international SEO strategy for a IVF clinic

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The IVF clinic Embriogyn, located in Tarragona (near Barcelona, in Spain), trusted in La Teva Web for the web design and online marketing of its new website, where they present the clinic and the variety of techniques and services they offer, such as in vitro fertilization or IVF.

Embriogyn now intends to carry out an ambitious campaign to attract customers in the UK and Italy, and expand its customer base through the Internet.

We have studied the situation with our client, and we are deploying an online marketing strategy that goes through different phases in order to concentrate efforts and consolidate before tackling other objectives. That's why we have started an Adwords campaign (Google ads) focused on the UK public.

This pay per click campaign, which will take effect immediately, will be complemented with other work whose results will be reflected in the medium term: the SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In this context, and after a thorough study of the keywords which interest us, we have chosen to position as main keywords IVF Spain and IVF Barcelona, and as secondary keywords in vitro Spain and in vitro Barcelona. Besides the SEO will be reinforced by other tasks that we are technically developing: we bought a territorial domain for the target audience, a .co.uk, and we built a separate website for the British public, which will help us to tell to Google that we are addressing to the british market, and we also can add keywords to the domain. This is very important because using a territorial .co.uk domain we no longer need to buy a hosting specifically in the UK and we can keep our hosting in Barcelona, something technically advisable. In turn, we have improved the website for our British customers, to make them feel more comfortable with our website and make easy to find what they want.

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