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Jobssion: branding, web design and SEO

Jobssion is the new online way to find the job you want and deserve, while offering you the companies with the best chance of enjoying a good cultural fit. Big data at the service of people.
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The new way of finding work

Jobssion is a website that offers the possibility for companies and individuals to match their needs through the use of algorithms. The idea arises after seeing how the traditional system of recruitment delays the selection process, therefore, this start up saw the need to launch a new platform to give a fresh air and a new vision to recruitment.
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Web design for matching startup between companies and workers

The target audience of the brand is made up of two profiles: millennials and companies. For the creation of the design of the website, we wanted to transmit a current, modern and fresh website, the opposite of what a user can find when he is looking for a job. The website also has a domain where all profiles (candidates and companies) are managed and where matching is formed.

Being a platform that wants to help the user find a job or look for the perfect candidate for a job, the website must be very well-designed so that it is displayed correctly from any device, whether tablet or mobile.

Over the next few months, we will optimize the website to achieve greater visibility of the web on Google. To do this, you have to carry out a study of keywords and choose those that will attract quality traffic, since we are facing a very competitive market and saturated by job portals. In addition to SEO or web positioning, we must work the brand and for this we must advertise. In the short term, we will carry out different campaigns in Google Ads and social networks to capture the attention of users and with it, "make noise" and make a place for ourselves in the world of work. One of the options that we see with greater return is LinkedIn Ads, but we will see that in the coming months.

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The perfect marriage between candidates and companies

We have participated in the whole project, from the design of the brand to the web design or the bespoke programming of the website and its marketing online.

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