22 / 09 / 2014

Online marketing: You can now advertise in Instagram

Online marketing: You can now advertise in Instagram
European online marketing professionals will be able to manage online advertising campaigns in Instagram in few weeks.

Instagram has just announced the introduction of advertising on this social network. Nowadays, only Google+ remains as the sole social network free of advertisements and fans purchase.

Instagram launched their online advertising campaigns in the United States throughout 2013 with designer Michael Kors as first advertiser. Last week, advertising campaings were  launched in the UK and the company has just announced that soon online advertising will also be available for online marketing professionals in the rest of Europe.

The leitmotif of these online advertising campaigns is the usual one. The company promises that their ads will be very natural and not intrusive. They have created a section within their website where they explain how it works in order to attract advertisers.
Bearing in mind that Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 after paying Euro765 million. It was clear that Instagram would not stay out of online advertising for a long time.

Instagram has promised advertisers that they will make their life very easy and will provide them with lots of data in order to help them to build better campaigns. Advertiser will be have access to information in real time and will be able to know how their customers interact with the photographs promoted, their engagement and reach.

With this movement of Instagram, Google+ is the sole social network free of advertising. These are bad news as it increases the risk for social networks, a major tool of online marketing, to see how users move away from social networks as they see how their posts go unnoticed among the large number of promoted posts.
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