29 / 09 / 2014

Online Marketing: Newsletter for Edad&Vida

Online Marketing: Newsletter for Edad&Vida
Edad&Vida Foundation has been focused for last 15 years in studying the needs of elder in order to promote initiatives to improve their quality of life, in a responsible and sustainable way. The foundation is sponsored by some of the largest companies and institutions in Spain, representing over 1.6 % of the GDP of Spain.

Within online marketing, email marketing is a very useful tool that allow companies to keep in touch with clients or partners, in this case, quickly, economically and efficiently.

LA TEVA WEB has developed an email marketing platform for this customer. The email platform allows our client to design templates and newsletters without any limitations in terms of design or content. Emails are sent directly from the server so it does not require any payment per email sent such as many other existing commercial platforms like MailChimp, which means for the client to save a huge amount of money as the foundation sends tens of thousands of newsletters a week.
Francesc Sánchez
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Francesc Sánchez
I am the CEO of La Teva Web and I started this blog twenty years ago. I am very pleased to have helped many clients and companies to succeed and achieve their goals.

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