27 / 12 / 2012

Social media and online marketing for Hello Kitty

Social media and online marketing for Hello Kitty
Since this Christmas, LA TEVA WEB carries on the marketing online and social media for the official store for Hello Kitty in Spain.

The short-term goal is to focus on attracting new fans to our Facebook page. We start from a base of 2,000 fans achieved in one year. The challenge is to increase significantly the number of Facebook fans to promote the sale of Hello Kitty products through this social network.

We have manahed to increase the number of fans by 3500 in a week was. It has been achieved thanks to the publication of content of interest to clients, such as holiday greeting images, some provocative and converse with fans and enhance the interaction between them as well as publishing discount coupons, combined with the introduction of brand products.

We have moreover launched an advertising campaign on Facebook with sponsored stories and ads addressing to the website and Facebook page. Something essential to attract fans and engagement due to the new policies of Facebook.

We are currently creating a profile of Hello Kitty on Google+ and we expect to create a profile on Pinterest and Twitter to expand the scope of the online marketing campaign.
Francesc Sánchez
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