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Renew the web page and optimize it for a good search engine web positioning
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Massive, company specializing in sound rental in Barcelona has contracted the services of LA TEVA WEB to redesign the website and position it in Google.

For web design we wanted to transmit a clear and clean web through a white background and an iconography highlighted in red. To give something different to the web, we have added a video showing the professionalism of the entire Massive team. We have also implemented the burguer menu to continue with the minimalist style of the website. One challenge that the layout designers have found is the section of the projects, in which the idea is to give the impression that the images float when the user is scrolling. On the other hand, the website is designed in such a way that it adapts to all devices (tablets and mobile), thus achieving a greater user experience.

At the level of online marketing, we have carried out a study of key words to know the market and the level of competition that exists in Barcelona. The keywords agreed with the client were: rent sound equipment Barcelona, ​​rent lighting Barcelona, rental speakers Barcelona, ​​among many others. The strategy proposed for the following months is to optimize the website to achieve a good web positioning and greater visibility in Google.

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