Web design for Mindcovid

A new web design project, the MINDCOVID project, aims to study the mental health of health workers, such as the COVID-19 patients.

Pandemic research project on mental health

Mindcovid is a project that aims to study the mental health of healthcare professionals and other vulnerable groups, as well as in patients with COVID-19 and in a sample of the general Spanish adult population.

We have made the web design for the research, with the aim of making it an orderly, analytical, scientific and clean website. As for the general design, it has been structured and divided into different sections to deal with the content of the website. 

The typography used for the Mindcovid website is Titillium, because of its similarity with the morphology of the typography of the logo and it is used for both the texts of the website and the headlines. For the choice of colours we have based our choice on the corporate colours of the company, where the blue colour has more weight because it is more versatile. A red circle is used to accompany the headlines and red is present in all sections of the website. 

On the other hand, the use of iconography is used as a resource to represent all the content of the website, where the design seeks to represent in a more visual way the content of the research, the methodology used, among others. The use of blue background in a light shade to highlight the content or headlines with red dots predominates. 

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