28 / 11 / 2011

Marketing online | NetProspex Social

Marketing online | NetProspex Social
The NetProspex Social is an index that assesses the social activity of employees of 50 companies or organizations with a great social activity in nine of the major social networks. It is a good indicator to assess the penetration of these companies on social networks and use take place.

The assessment includes several parameters ranging from the number of tweets a number of friends or connections with these companies.

The results are not surprising and indicate that technology companies like Microsoft, Ebay, Amazon, Walt Disney and Google are the most active. It should be pointed out that in the time to get the latest results in May 2010, Google had not yet appeared + to its full potential. IBM is surprising that the tail of large corporations.

The study also notes that Linkedin is the most used social network Facebook and Myspace soon.
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