21 / 03 / 2018

New website for NuPharm

New website for NuPharm
One of the last projects developed by our web design team was the corporate website of NuPharm, a pharmaceutical company leader in products for the treatment of the central nervous system o CNS products linked to Invent Farma, manufacturer of APIs and generic medicines.

Despite being in a technical field, the visual aspect of a corporate website for a pharmaceutical company does not have to be tedious. The use of graphic elements in line with the latest trends in web design, always following the corporate image of the brand, has predominated in the creation of the NuPharm website.

The logo's own colors have been used, combined with neutral tones such as white and gray, in the graphic section of the website. Another resource used has been the iconography, to reinforce the different messages of the web.

One of the requirements with which we work on all the websites that we develop is the adaptation to all types of devices. Responsive design allows us to create a website that is correctly displayed on computers, smartphones and tablets, and adapts to the user characteristics of each one. For example, the inclusion of a specific call button for phones.

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