Online marketing and online consultancy for Countermatic
Updated: 11 / 04 / 2022

Online marketing and online consultancy for Countermatic

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager

Countermatic is a company based in Barcelona and Madrid that is dedicated to the commercialization of high precision electronic machines such as  note counters or counterfeit detectors. The company has a long offline trajectory within this market and wants to make the leap online and that’s why the company has contracted LA TEVA WEB.

Our challenge was, and is, to create a valuable online identity for the company, almost from scratch, that will allow the company to start selling online. Every ambitious project like this starts with an online strategic plan that should help us and the client to understand where is the company located within the online and offline sector, who are and performs its main competitors, and how will its market evolve in the short, medium and long terms. Moreover, we should understand what are major strengths and weaknesses of Countermatic.

Once the online strategic plan had been completed, we had the necessary guide to know where we wanted to go (our online mission) and what do we needed to reach this point. Following this, we were then able to design the best company's online strategy and online tactics to be implemented in the short, medium and long term.

The first step was the design of the client's website. We decided that it had to be a mix of corporate website and ecommerce. Talking about web design, we ended with a clean and modern website that combined attractiveness with a large amount of information that will help us in online marketing, particularly when approaching the SEO of this website.

Once web design and bespoke programming of the ecommerce have finished, we had to start the online promotion of its products. We decided to focus all our efforts in terms of online marketing for ticket counters and counterfeit detectors through an ambitious SEO - Search Engine Optimization- campaign in Google combined with SEM -Search Engine Marketing-  campaigns, mainly search campaigns using Google Adwords and  Google Shopping campaigns. We decided to discard display campaigns.

The Countermatic project teaches us that, above all, a good online strategy should always be based on the study and previous analysis of the market where the company plays, weaknesses and strengths of the company itself and the expected evolution of both before initiating any action. Once we know where we are and where we want to be, it is the moment to device our online strategies and tactics and then measure and revise them as appropriate.

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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Bruno Díaz — Marketing Manager
Professional with a long career as a communication and digital marketing consultant, specializing in SEO, SEM and web projects. As Marketing Manager of the agency, I coordinate a great team of digital marketing technicians of which I am very proud.

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