Web Design for Evial Assessors

Website design for Evial Assessors, a prestigious professional firm located in Barcelona, specializing in the provision of business management services. The main goal of this web design project is to provide a digital platform that reflects the professionalism, experience, and commitment of Evial Assessors to their clients.

Evial web

Managers and advisors for companies and SMEs

New corporate website for Evial

Evial Assessors has relied on Teva Web for the design of its corporate website.

Evial is a company located in Barcelona and specialised in providing business management services for SMEs and the self-employers. Although they are experts in tax and employment consultancy, they also offer a wide range of management and accounting-financial consultancy services. Moreover, they offer business advice and management of administrative procedures.

On the other hand, among their most outstanding services, we can find the registration of the self-employed and the constitution of the company, two procedures that can be an annoyance for self-employers or small companies.

New web design for Evial

From Evial's new corporate website, users will find an extensive portfolio of its services, as well as crucial tax and labour information for those who are self-employed and have doubts about how to carry out a procedure or how to fill in a tax or labour document. Evial's services are summarised presented  on the home page, but detailed information on the services provided by the consultancy can be accessed with just in one click.

The website is fully editable by the client, who can create, add or modify the content at any time. In addition, they have a news and current affairs section to add news with relevant and interesting tax and labour information for users.

Because of the service that Evial offers, the text must have a strong presence within the website. Although it is a corporate website with a lot of legal information, we have opted for the inclusion of a slide of images in order to add dynamism to the homepage.

The chromatic in  Evial's new corporate website highlights white, grey and black. White is used for the background of the site and black is the colour chosen for the text. Likewise, grey is used to highlight the navigation menus on the website.

To facilitate contact between company and user, there is a form available inside the "Contact" section. By sending the basic contact details, their team of advisors will contact the interested party to provide the advice they require.

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