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03 / 08 / 2015

Online Shops: Tips for selling online (and 6)

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Online Shops: Tips for selling online (and 6)
Throughout our five previous articles we've presented you some factors that have influence on the sales of an online store. Today we offer you the sixth (and latest) chapter:

23. Email marketing

Clearly a good email marketing strategy can increase the sales of e-commerce. But we must considernot to abuse it, in that case instead of winning sales and subscribers, we can have the opposite.

How often you must have to send newsletters? It depends on your specific case. The normal and recommended email delivery is every 15 days, maximum one a week, at least one a month. And it is important that we include in these mails some content that is not directly aimed at the sale (news, blog, tips...).

24. Getting subscribers

By their nature, ti win subscribers in an e-commerce is more difficult and slower than in a blog for example. Anyway to have success we should establish a strategy for our ist of subscribers to become hundreds and then thousands.

25. Loyalty

There are many ways and systems to encourage loyalty. The most common are the points systems. Other strategies include the invitation of a friend to get a discount.

26. Previous Purchases

Beyond the mass e-mailing you do for all your leads, your customers who have already bought should have special treatment.  It is a type of action that can work a lot in the field of fashion and accessorie. We'va applied it, for example, for the new website we've developed, Zignia Design

We hope you have found useful these reflections. With this article we conclude our series of tips for online shopping. Good luck!

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