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06 / 07 / 2015

Online stores: Tips for selling online (2)

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Online stores: Tips for selling online (2)
In our previous articlewe exposed you tips that influence on the sales of your online business. Today we'll offer you the second chapter:

6. How many products?

The data and experience show that online stores that sell are those with more products: more variety of products usually means more sales. This is due to the fact that the variety induces the user, but also in its effect on SEO. However, there are other cases of online stores with less than 30 products in its catalog that sold even more than others that have thousands of products, but these are exceptional cases.

7. Competitive Price

Having a competitive price is critical for us to sell in an online store, and this is one of the first analyzes to be carried out before putting all the logistics of building the store. This is essentially important if your product can be found in other stores, and even more if you're starting, to get a place in the market. You have to do an analysis of your competitors in the market: choose 10 or 15 top products of your online store, and four or five competing companies and compare their prices in an excell. If you are not competitive on price, you won't sell anything.

8. Product visibility on Google

The visibility of our products in the Google search engine (SEO) is one of the best ways to publicize our products and our brand to thousands of people. In fact, it is fundamental for the sustainability of your business online at medium and long term.

It is therefore essential to design a SEO strategy where we set goals, the keys to achieve it, and a constant work plan. The fruits of SEO are slow to take effect, but when it happens they will give a very important push to our online store.

9. Site Speed

The speed of the website is crucial for search engine optimization or SEO. Moreover, it implies a clear improvement in the user experience and reduce the number of bounces from our page. Ideally the page must load in 1-3 seconds.

10. Easy purchase

The purchase process should be simple and easy to follow for any consumer. Otherwise you will find that many users do not end up the buying process (abandoned shopping carts).

In the next article we will develop more tips for online stores. See you soon!

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